Saturday, 30 August 2014

Paper Pieced Butterfly

I love all the paper pieced patterns by Tartan Kiwi and so I was to take up the Butterfly Challenge and create this. I received the Art Gallery fabric when Fiona de-stashed it and I knew it would be perfect for fussy cutting.
To fussy cut the wings I traced the relevant pieces onto plastic. I know you can buy proper template plastic, but I save bits of packaging or milk bottles.
This works well as the wings were the first piece to be placed on all 4 sections.

I like to line up the initial piece using the window and I use fabric glue to keep it in place.

I use the post card method for folding over each section and instead of ironing the small bits I use the wooden thingamajig.

I wanted the bag to have straight sides and a nice flat bottom so I used the tutorial by Katy, I used the same measurements and a width of about 9"

I'm very happy with how it turned out.... Sorry about the bad final pictures as I did forget about the time difference!

You can see that it is 4" wide at the base. Lovely and spacious too.

The Tartankiwi

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Hip Bee Blocks

After returning from our travels in Spain and Portugal I had to play catch up with the HipBee blocks. Thankfully all the bees were very patient in waiting for them. I thought I should stitch them in order, but Rachel, Mamafairy had asked for flower blocks in 3 sizes and I'd just borrowed a quilt book from Quilt Club with this Rose of Sharon that was first.

The colours Rachel sent me were suitable for a daffodil, so I found a pattern online, although it was for a 6" square block, so I added longer leaves and a bias stem, once I'd found my Clover bias maker.

I was also looking through Carina's new book Stitched Blooms and I thought that this embroidery pattern would translate beautifully into an appliqué. The book is great as it comes with a CD and so you can print off the design any size you like, 6" square. All of them were top stitched with Aurifil 40 wt, yummy.

I found these ones for Jill, The Nocturnal Stitcher, the hardest as I'd already seen some brilliant designs in the Flickr group, but with limited fabric, I also didn't want to mess up. I found a lovely tutorial on YouTube of how to piece improv curves and took it from there. Unfortunately my second block didn't have enough fabric to make 12" and so I added the best beach fabric I had. I think they look quite cute and will make a lovely picnic blanket.

These two paperpieced blocks were for Second Chance Tan for her mums quilt. I enjoyed piecing these, although it's difficult to judge how much fabric is required as paper piecing can be quite wasteful.

Yippee...all caught up and July is my month. I chose to make these scrappy mini stars using Cindy's tutorial on the Fluffy Sheep Blog. I bought 2 Lark Jelly Rolls...but unfortunately they are nothing like Moda ones. Some of the strips are barely 2.25". So I'm expecting to have to put lots of iron on interfacing on the back to stop little holes appearing :o(

We have one month left in the Bee and then unfortunately due to busy lives we are all buzzing off in different directions to do different things. It's been loads of fun though and thanks to Di of Willowbeck Designs for being a great Bee Mama and organising us so well.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Embroidered Dachshund Broach

Le Challenge - Small

I made this tiny broach from some Liberty Scraps and embroidered it using Aurifil 40 weight. French knots using fine thread were so tiny that they kept popping to the back of the fabric. Jodie who designs the lovely RicRac patterns had this cute Dachshund embroidery pattern as a free pattern available on Craftsy. It was supposed to be much larger, but I used the small illustration and he turned out about two inches long.
It might be a bit big to wear as a broach, but ideal to attach to a bag or put in a frame. I put him on the front of a card and sent him away to a friend who I know likes the Hens Teeth designs, so he is inspired by those lovely creations.
I really enjoyed making him and I can see myself making more in the future as they are ideal to make while away in the van. I just need to think what to print on the top tape...perhaps ... "I love sewing", with a sewing machine or a bobbin? Or "I love the beach"?

Linking up just in time to Le Challenge, why don't you link up with Lucy and Nat something tiny you have made, as there's a chance to win $25, I'm keeping my fingers crossed x
Ps sorry if you have read this twice as I put it on my travel blog "Liberty Blue Van" by mistake

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Midge Net and Drawstring Pouch

Le Challenge - Bright

Just before we came away to Portugal in Libby I finally got around to making the midge net that we needed. We both seem to attract midges, with very big teeth!

I found the perfect BRIGHT neon blue spotty binding for the top and bottom. Sorry girls, it's a very tenuous link!!

We've known for ages that we wanted a midge net, but the problem was also how to attach it to the van. Amazon had the answer, little magnets with hooks, but with a 20kg pull, enough to go through the van carpet lining. Well it's now been tested and it works perfectly.

The net needed a cute little drawstring bag. I wanted it to be unlined and I found this brilliant tutorial on The bottom is like the base of a coffee bag, which gives it some depth, without having to cut the corners off. You might be able to see what I mean in the top photo. It was such a good tutorial that I made a matching one for my down jacket, that I picked up in T K Max for a bargain £16.
These are the first things that I've made from this camping organic Birch fabric and I was very disappointed that the brown dye, left marks in my green water when I ironed it :o(
I will be washing the whole lot, before I use it in anything else.

....and other news, I didn't finish anything in my finish along list, despite its length, but I did start something else new. I've been embroidering the Best Friends Forever block of the month and managed one a week, so far!

I'm also slowly stitching EPP diamonds into stars and love the pattern already. These are both great hand stitching projects to have along in the van with me and it's nice to have the time to sit and sew. Other British 'vanners' are complaining about the loss of the BBC transmission to their satellite dish...wot no East Enders!!! Not a problem for us though.


Saturday, 15 March 2014

My First Custom Order

Yipeeeeee...I've finally made some money from sewing. My friend ordered one of these to give to her friend as a birthday present. It's a drawstring bag for putting campervan thermal window mats in.... And I received real money for making it!!!
Though the fabric is a lovely design, it wasn't cotton and frayed like mad and so I did a French seam to make it last a bit longer. It was also quite difficult to photograph, so I strung it from the washing line!
Please ignore the ladder and the Canadian canoe and look at the pretty pink Camellia instead!

Linking up with Le Challenge....who's theme this month was order. I had several ideas as the theme left it open wide, but this one fitted the best. Amazingly the word order came up in two blog titles next to each other in Bloglovin! Nicole from Follow the White Bunny was blogging about the Order to stitch things in an embroidery, she has lots of interesting stuff, so pop over and take a look.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Lilipopo Glasses Case & EPP Diamonds

I must be getting old as just before Christmas I needed my first pair of reading/sewing glasses. They needed a nice case so I used the tutorial over on Lilipopo's blog. She has some lovely embroidery patterns and they are a style that I find she lives in Cornwall.
I used a tiny, tiny scrap of Liberty fabric for her dress and as Sarah is encouraging us to put our scraps to work this year then I am linking up at the end of the month.
I'm also just in time to link up with Amy, who is hosting TGIFF this week. I hoped to have this finished by Friday but had a bit of the sniffles that I brought back from our Valentine trip to Bristol.

Tim's Valentines card was found in a charity shop while hunting for vintage sheets. It's like a simplified game of Beetle.

Although I have loads of WIP's .... I seem to have started another one! I didn't feel like concentrating on much last week and as my very thoughtful friend Karen had bought me this for Christmas I had another look through it. I love the travel quilt idea as we are always off out and about in Libby our little campervan, blogged at LibertyBlueVan.

They are 2" diamonds and stitch up quite quickly. I've completed 3, but cut and basted quite a few more.

Though these all look coordinated, as I've used the remains of a Moda Scrap Bag, I think the rest will be quite scrappy. I don't have many scraps, as some of you know, I've been swapping, buying, begging and borrowing scraps from everyone...can you borrow scraps??? I'm not sure. Anyway it's a great project as you can see below the selvedge gets turned under and the maths geek in me worked out that the minimum strip width, to give 1/4 inch seam, is 2.23".... Do you remember SOHCAHTOA?

Years ago I found these in a charity shop and they are great for fussy cutting.

Jessica also has a link up on her blog, Lifeunderquilts for how many stars are finished My Total = 3

FairyFace Designs

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Kokeshi Doll

Le Challenge - The Rising Sun

When reading through the inspiration for Le Challenge I thought that I'd use the perfect piece of fabric that was in the Goody Bag from FQR London last year. It was a small piece of lovely Art Gallery fabric which reminded me of a kimono.
I used the pattern from Homespun Magazine issue 15.1 for the little Kokeshi Doll. The pattern had 3 strung on a string, but I only had enough fabric for one.

I used a different fabric to line her sleeves. Each of the dolls has a different hair style, but this was my favourite. She is only 6 inches tall but has a big personality!

The pattern is available in the Melly and Me shop and includes a cuddle size mama Kokeshi.

I would have loved to make something from this Japanese book that I got at the Cowslip Workshop Christmas fair for £1 ... But it will be more of a long term project as it's quite complicated. I googled the isbn number and eventually found out that this type of Japanese reversible patchwork is called Orinuno. I will have a go at it as it is all done by hand and so it will be a good portable project for me.

Linking up with Le Challenge ... Why don't you pop over and check out what Lucy and Nat have made, as well as the other links.
Also linking with the Slow Bloggers as I'm averaging less than one a month at the moment as Instagram seems so much quicker, but I appreciate that not everyone is on IG. Also I can't leave links on IG either.
Moira is hosting the Slow Bloggers this month.